AdTron Network provides low cost Branding solutions in Memphis!

a few words about us

Anthony Brown is CEO of AdTron Air Network and is a highly motivated executive who brings a broad and unique blend of talent and experience in the Concessions, Marketing, Air Transportation and Legal Fields. His vast experience in the Airport and Air Transportation industry include serving as Senior Vice President of Partner Relations and Business Diversity for Hudson Group, the largest Airport Retailer in the US.

why choose us

The most affordable advertising, the most effective way to raise brand awareness, the most flexible media platform around.

In the old standards of advertising, once an advertiser’s message was created, it was permanent.  With Digital branding, an advertiser can change their message within hours.  Compare that to TV or radio, where it can take weeks or even months to produce a new commercial.

what we offer

AdTron Network offers affordable advertising solutions to YOUR business.

  • Custom motion graphic ads
  • Brand awareness
  • Social Media integration