AdTron Network offers many marketing services, from advertising to social media to mobile phone integration

Services List

  • Custom motion graphic ads
  • Custom Facebook pages
  • Mobile phone integration
  • Texting campaigns
  • Brand awareness
  • Social Media integration

unique service

Digital branding has more than 10 times the visual contact than traditional advertising .

More than 40% of consumers can recall a brand they saw on digital media screens.

services overview

Full motion, custom advertising for your business.

Our Graphics Department will create eye-catching motion graphic ads for your business - at a much lower cost than any other form of advertising.

Facebook customization, Social Media integration - only on AdTron Network' screens!

Tie in your advertising with social media, garner more likes and page shares through Facebook coupons and contests.

Mobile phone interaction - put your content directly into the hands of your potential customers!

What makes advertising on AdTron Network' network so unique is the way your commercial can invite interaction with your potential customers. We accomplish this through QR Codes which provide content directly to cell phones. 

The AdTron Network is a great way for churches to enhance the worship experience

  • Improve Outreach
  • Enhance worship experience
  • Facilitate communication between the church staff and its membership
  • Each church auxiliary may showcase its programs and events